Airco Centre of Excellence is committed to working with Schools in order to provide positive progression routes for young people leaving school. We want to make the leap from school to further education as smooth as possible for young people.

Airco Centre of Excellence attends all schools’ events to link young people to the world of business and further education.

We have recently developed a positive partnership with South Holderness School to support the school to gain business links in order to open up new and exciting opportunities for both the school and the pupils.

Airco Centre of Excellence has planned experience days where Primary and Secondary Schools can attend the training centre to undertake activities linked to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activities. We will provide learning resources to the pupils to take back to school in order to further develop their learning.

What are the experience rooms at Airco Centre of Excellence?

These are two specialist learning activity rooms, one is like an igloo and is freezing cold inside and one is like the Bahamas and really hot inside. This not only provides young people with an educational visit but a real feel for how renewable energies work.

We aim to provide an experience to remember and introduce young people to careers within the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. The experience days will be inspirational and motivational in order to raise aspirations.

We can provide visits for teaching staff as part of their Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to explore different methods of teaching and collaborative working in order to gain the best from the learners.

The team at Airco Centre of Excellence have vast knowledge, skills and expertise of both teaching within schools and supporting the teaching delivery within schools. We advise schools about progression routes available, apprenticeships and employer engagement. Working in collaboration with schools allows us to gain the best for the learners who progress to our provision.

We have planned development / information sessions with schools to support the curriculum and how to get the best out of your students for their future successes!

We have an Ambassador for Apprenticeships as well as an Ambassador for STEM within the Airco Centre of Excellence team. This demonstrates our commitment to quality.

If you are a School and want more information please contact us and we will look forward to supporting you.

12 Qualities of Great Teachers

  • Passion for teaching
  • Love of learners
  • Love of their subject
  • Understanding the role of our training centre in a learners life
  • A willingness to change
  • A work ethic that doesn’t quit!
  • A willingness to reflect
  • Organisation
  • Understand that being ‘a great teacher’ is a constant struggle to always improve
  • Enough ego to survive the hard days
  • Enough humility to remember its not about you
  • A willingness to work collaboratively