What is an access course? This is a course that is tailored to meet the needs of the employers and will have a specific vocational focus. This is for 16 -18 year olds and will prepare you for the world of work. We have discussed this course with employers and we will equip you to progress within your chosen vocational area. You will study and gain vocational qualifications along with gaining a good understanding of what will be expected of you in the workplace. You will undertake work experience as part of your studies, ensuring you are competent in the work shop along with ensuring you are competent in other required areas.

We expect you to have a good attitude to learn and are a good representation of yourself and Airco Centre of Excellence as we want you to be the best you can be!

At Airco Centre of Excellence we care and we want you to enjoy every step of your journey to success…


  • Does not lie in ‘Results’ but in ‘Efforts’
  • ‘Being’ the best is not so important
  • ‘Doing’ the best is all that matters!

Arrange a meeting with us to discuss our access courses and explore how these can benefit you and your future success.